Ruth Smith, PT

Ringgold County Hospital has added Clinical Hypnotherapy to the services it offers. Physical therapist Ruth Smith understands the mind-body connection and the important role the mind plays when dealing with physical pain and other emotional physical conditions.

What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?
Clinical Hypnotherapy is a natural state of mind where communication and responsiveness with the subconscious mind is established.

Why is the subconscious mind important?
The subconscious mind stores your memories and belief systems. It is the seat of your emotions and imagination. Involuntary functions of the physical body are controlled by the subconscious mind.

What are some of the benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy?
Benefits include pain management, reduction of anxiety and fear, weight loss, and smoking cessation. The mind-body connection influences many emotional and physical conditions.

When hypnotized, are you out-of-control?
There are many misconceptions and myths around hypnotism. When in hypnosis, you are fully in control of your thoughts and behavior. You are aware of your surroundings and will remember the entire experience.

What is the difference between a Hypnotist and a Clinical Hypnotherapist?
A Hypnotist hypnotizes for entertainment purposes. A Clinical Hypnotherapist hypnotizes for transformational purposes.

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