RCH Newsletter May 2015-web

Jodie Wurster can enjoy the outdoors after receiving Immunotherapy from the Mt. Ayr Medical Clinic.

Throughout the year, for virtually her entire life, Jodie Wurster has suffered from allergies. It was pollen and mold in the spring; trees in the summer; ragweed, clover and hay in the fall; and feathers and cats year round. Her symptoms weren’t life threatening, but they certainly were aggravating. Sinus issues and itching, watery eyes along with constant sneezing made her pretty miserable. “I couldn’t enjoy being on the golf course. There were times I just had to give up and go inside,” she said.

This insurance company owner and active mother of three high-school boys didn’t want to spend her life indoors. But before visiting the Mt. Ayr Medical Clinic, she didn’t understand her options for Immunotherapy (IT). “I went in for a regular doctor’s appointment last year,” she explained. “And I was given a form to fill out describing my seasonal allergies. After reviewing it, I was immediately referred to the allergist.”

After some very simple tests, it was clear exactly what Jodie is allergic to. Her personal Immunotherapy regimen was created specifically for her and her allergies to make her tolerant to allergens she was sensitive to. With IT treatment, over time, about 85% of people become symptom free. “I started my IT in April last year,” she continued. “By June, I was able to attend my son’s baseball game down by the river surrounded by cottonwood trees. And I was perfectly fine!”

Immunotherapy isn’t a quick fix. It can take up to two years of treatments for a patient to become completely immune to their allergies. “I had two shots every other day for a whole year,” said Jodie. “Now I’m on maintenance until the end of May. At that point, I’ll be retested, and I shouldn’t show any signs of allergies at all!”

Is the effort worth the results? Only an allergy sufferer can truly understand. But for Jodie, it’s absolutely been worth it. “I am so much better; I would recommend it to anyone. One of my sons has seasonal allergies and as soon as I’m finished, we’re going to start him on a regimen. It’s so effective. Why suffer if you don’t have to?”

For more information on allergies and immunotherapy, contact the Mt. Ayr Medical Clinic.

What is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy (IT) is the only disease-modifying allergy treatment that safely, over time, induces the body’s immune cells to decrease or even prevent symptoms. Clinical studies show that 85% of patients who receive IT will eventually become symptom free. This happens because IT stimulates a transformation in the body’s immune cells (T cells) from being promoters of allergic reaction to cells that counter the allergic inflammatory process.

Oral antihistamines and nasal steroids offer temporary relief and in some cases, are enough when allergy symptoms are minimal. However, in many cases people who suffer from allergies remain symptomatic and suffer despite taking them repeatedly. Immunotherapy can be a long-term solution.

Consider these points while deciding whether IT is right for you:

  • IT is a long-term solution for allergic rhinitis.
  • IT is highly effective when the treatment course of approximately 2-5 years is properly completed. Allergy symptom relief usually occurs within the first year. At three years, patients often experience substantial relief and IT discontinuation can be discussed.
  • Allergy symptom relief lasts up to 12 years.
  • IT is cost effective.
  • The IT course of treatment is covered by most insurance carriers.

Patients suffering from seasonal allergies are getting remarkable results with Immunotherapy at the Mt. Ayr Medical Clinic. Of the 99 patients receiving IT to date, 100% have reported symptom improvement or relief.