Tired of “spinning wheels” with the same ol’ New Year’s Resolutions? Are you ready to use the power of your mind to accomplish healthier habits and ways of living?

Ruth Smith, DPT

You are invited to learn more about Ringgold County Hospital’s new Hypnotherapy Program to better understand the benefits of tapping into your subconscious mind. Join Ruth Smith, physical therapist and certified hypnotherapist, on Thursday, March 14 from 5-5:30 pm in the RCH cafeteria. Please call 641-464-4401 to RSVP for this free program.

There are many misconceptions around hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It is important to get the facts as you consider alternative ways to improve your health. New research clearly shows a direct connection between the mind and the body… the healthier the mind, the healthier the body.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a natural state of mind where communication and responsiveness with the subconscious mind is established. “The subconscious mind stores your memories and belief systems. It’s the seat of your emotions and imagination,” Ruth explains. “Involuntary functions of the physical body are controlled by the subconscious mind.” Benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy include pain management, reduction of anxiety and fear, weight loss, and smoking cessation. The mind-body connection influences many emotional and physical conditions. “It’s definitely not a magical cure, but it’s a kick-start to get the ball rolling in the right direction,” says Ruth.

If you are unable to attend, please call 641-464-4428 for a FREE 30-minute consultation.