At Ringgold County Hospital we are welcoming a new era in health care, where achieving good health is just the beginning. We believe in caring for the whole person by getting to know you, having conversations and making connections with you.


We value the communities we serve and strive to provide excellent hospital and physician clinics so that we can ensure a positive health-care experience for you and your family. We also believe in making a commitment to community outreach and service. This commitment means the continuous creation of programs dedicated to helping our patients, neighbors and citizens. Some of these programs include:

  • Community health education
  • Medical services that are important for the community regardless of profit to the hospital
  • Partnerships with other organizations
  • Community events
  • Other community initiatives



Ringgold County Hospital offers speakers for educational purposes free of charge. If you have an audience and a health-related topic that your group or organization would like more information about, we will arrange for a qualified medical professional to address current health-care topics and trends as well as clinical issues. To request a speaker for your next event please contact Mitzi Hymbaugh at or call (641) 464-3226.