“The Ringgold County Wellness Coalition is committed to making the healthy choice the easy choice for all in our county.”

The Wellness Coalition is comprised of members of the community who want to make an impact on the health of all Ringgold County residents. All activities are being offered to the residents to promote healthy choices, fitness and wellness.

Ringgold County Hospital is proud to support and be a part of the Ringgold County Wellness Coalition.

To learn about coalition activities, please visit their Facebook page.

Walk Ringgold County

*Due to Covid-19 some indoor walking locations may not be available. 

Print the Walking Brochure 

Learn more about the health benefits of being physically active &  how to maintain a healthy weight.


Click here to view full Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) report

The CHNA report is prepared on behalf of Ringgold County Hospital (Primary Service Area) for Ringgold County, Iowa.

Creating healthy communities requires a high level of mutual understanding and collaboration with community individuals and partner groups.

The development of this assessment brings together community health leaders and providers, along with local residents, to research, prioritize county health needs and document community health delivery successes.