Roy Molina, M.D.

There is good news if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or a blood disorder. If you’re a patient in the Ringgold County area, you have access to a top-notch oncologist without traveling far. Roy Molina, M.D. sees patients in the Ringgold County Hospital Visiting Physicians Clinic on the first Wednesday of every month. Dr. Molina joined Medical Oncology & Hematology Associates (MOHA) in Des Moines in 2000. He and his fellow oncologists travel throughout central Iowa to rural communities. “We feel we’re providing a good service to patients in rural areas,” he said. “A lot of times if oncologists don’t visit rural clinics, the patients don’t get treated at all. They decide they don’t want to travel, so they don’t.” “We’re very fortunate with the arrangement we have with the clinic in Mt. Ayr,” he continued. “They are willing and able to do the treatments here in the clinic. They had to get extra training in order to do it.” Dr. Molina signs the orders. Clinic staff administers the treatments and he monitors the patients during his monthly visits. “Not all rural hospitals are able to do the same thing. Some don’t want to bother with it. In which case the patients must come to Des Moines. If we can’t bring the treatment to them, it can create a hardship.” According to Dr. Molina, oncology patients are generally very grateful for what you can do for them. “They listen to suggestions and are compliant with their treatments. They want to get better. People often think it’s a dismal practice, because the outcomes are not always good. But we can help many, many patients,” he said. “We can help alleviate some symptoms and provide them with a reasonable quality of life. Even when we can’t cure the disease, we’re making a difference. It’s very satisfying.”

Dr. Molina trained at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston where he completed his internship and residency. He completed his fellowship in medical oncology at the University of Kansas and has double board certifications in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology. He had a practice in Columbia, MO before moving to Des Moines in 1990. When he’s not practicing medicine, Dr. Molina enjoys music, classical music in particular. He and his wife attend the symphony regularly, and he’s a pianist himself, even playing for his nurse at her wedding last year. He likes growing orchids and is a member of Central Iowa Orchid Society. Dr. Molina also enjoys traveling to see family and friends all over the United States.

If you find yourself in need of an oncologist, call 641-464-4409 to schedule an appointment.