Ringgold County Hospital is offering convenient and effective allergy testing and immunotherapy (IT) through a partnership with United Allergy Services (UAS). After visiting with a doctor at the Mt. Ayr Medical Clinic, people suffering from allergies are then referred to an in-office certified clinical allergy technician/specialist (CAT/CAS) for skin testing to diagnose specific allergens. Once patients receive their results and discuss the benefits of immunotherapy, individual treatment outcomes are then analyzed to create a custom allergy treatment regimen. People suffering from seasonal allergies are seeing remarkable results with immunotherapy. Of the 99 people at the Mt. Ayr Medical Clinic that received IT through the spring of 2015, 100% reported symptom improvement or relief.

Immunotherapy is the only disease-modifying allergy treatment that safely, over time, induces the body’s immune cells to decrease or even prevent symptoms. Clinical studies show that 85% of patients who receive IT will eventually become symptom free. This happens because IT stimulates a transformation in the body’s immune cells (T cells) from being promoters of allergic reaction to cells that counter the allergic inflammatory process.

Consider whether immunotherapy is right for you:

  • IT is a long-term solution for allergic rhinitis; allergy-symptom relief lasts up to 12 years
  • The IT course of treatment is cost effective and covered by most insurance carriers
  • Allergy symptom relief usually occurs within the first year
  • At three years, patients often experience substantial relief and IT discontinuation can be discussed
  • IT is highly effective when the treatment course of approximately two to five years is properly completed