The health care professionals at Ringgold County Hospital are strongly encouraging all women over the age of 40 to have an annual mammogram. It’s a simple, noninvasive procedure. “It’s only 10 minutes,” said Shelly Shields, medical imaging manager. “But those 10 minutes can save your life.” The big news in breast cancer detection is the 3D Mammography machine. Ringgold County Hospital acquired one earlier this year. “We decided the benefits far outweighed the costs. We really wanted to get it for our community.”

The 3D Mammography machine brings the most advanced imaging available today to the area. Patients don’t have to travel to get the best of the best. “The convenience of it being right here means we’re detecting more breast cancers, earlier,” said Shelly. “Early detection is what saves lives.” The machine’s sophistication also means fewer women need to come back for a second set of images. “It’s low-dose radiation, and it reduces call-backs by 40%.”

At Ringgold County Hospital, the benefits of high-tech imaging come with outstanding patient care. Shelly has been doing mammograms and other imaging for 30 years. Her patients are her friends, neighbors and family. “I want to take care of my patients,” said Shelly. “I want to help them be comfortable. Their experience is so important to me.”

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