Katie Willcox, DO (left) and Erin Leonard, ARNP (right) partner with Tami Fahnlander, DO to offer local pre-natal care.

Expecting parents, and those who plan to be in the future, are fortunate that the Mount Ayr Medical Clinic provides family planning services including pre-natal care. Through 34 weeks of pregnancy, women and future babies will be cared for by Katie Willcox, D.O. and Nurse Practitioner Erin Leonard at the clinic locally. At 34 weeks, her care is transitioned to Tami Fahnlander, D.O. with Women’s Health Services in Des Moines. 

“We start coordinating with Dr. Fahnlander when a mom is 20-weeks pregnant,” explained Erin Leonard. “So, when we transfer her care, we’ve been working together for quite some time. It makes a smooth transition possible.” The partnership is ideal for pregnant women living in Mt. Ayr and surrounding communities. It saves travel costs and time off work by reducing the number of trips women make to Des Moines while providing comprehensive care throughout a pregnancy.

Prior to becoming pregnant, women may choose to meet with their primary care provider or the clinic’s Health Coach, Katie Smith. Appointments can be made by calling the clinic at: 641-464-4470.