Ringgold County Hospital’s Pain Management Clinic is staffed by RCH nurse anesthetist Melissa Friedrich and visiting nurse anesthetist Brian Jacobs. Patients experiencing pain can be treated holistically, using a wide variety of approaches, not just by prescribing narcotics. “We’ll start with a full assessment to determine what’s causing the pain. Patients may need to change their eating habits, exercise, stop smoking, manage their weight, or work with a physical therapist to strengthen different muscles. There are a lot of options besides putting them on a narcotic and sending them out the door.”

The pain management clinic is designed to help patients manage chronic pain like low back pain, chronic neck pain, SI joint pain, fibromyalgia, shingles, and headaches, among other issues.

Brian Jacobs, MS, CRNA, NSPM-C, Board Certified in Pain Management and Fellowship trained, joins Melissa Friedrich, CRNA current anesthesia provider at Ringgold County Hospital, to provide services such as: Epidural therapeutic injections, sacroiliac injections and radio frequency ablation, sympathetic blockade, image-guided joint injections, Botox, trigger point injections, and other therapy options. The Clinic is a result of a partnership with Midwest Integrated Pain Care in Des Moines.

Patients can visit with their primary care provider or call the clinic directly to schedule an appointment 641-464-4433.