The cardiopulmonary rehabilitation services offered by Ringgold County Hospital combine patient education and individualized monitored exercise sessions to help people return to the most active and fulfilling life possible. This program is designed for people who have been diagnosed with heart or lung disease and those who have received treatment using medication or surgery. We also work with patients to increase their understanding of heart or lung disease, their medications and when to seek medical attention. The program’s goal is to help reduce the risk of heart or lung disease and return people to important life activities quickly and safely.

A registered nurse safely guides patients through testing in conjunction with the Medical Imaging Department and physicians to evaluate heart or lung function, risk of chronic disease and need for medications, surgery or further treatments. A custom program is then developed based on each individual’s needs.

You can reach the department by calling (641) 464-4452


Dwayne Cason, heart attack survivor and Jennifer England, RN


  • Patient education about heart or lung disease
  • Phase II cardiac rehab
  • Phase II pulmonary rehab
  • Exercise Stress Testing
  • Nuclear Stress Testing 
  • Stress Echocardiograms
  • Functional Fitness- is a maintenance exercise program for patients with chronic health conditions such as heart and lung disease.
  • Supervised Exercise Therapy- Patients with peripheral artery disease will benefit from this walking program designed to help get you up and moving again and decrease pain in your legs.