RCH Newsletter April 2015-webFor most people over the age of one, walking is a pretty simple activity. It’s so basic we don’t even think about it. We just get up and go. But for some, like Marie Still, walking became so difficult and painful that she elected to have her knees replaced. Her first total knee replacement surgery was six years ago, and her recovery was long and hard. After her second knee surgery this past January, she was better prepared by doing “before surgery” exercises recommended by the Physical Therapy department at Ringgold County Hospital.

“This time I got along so much better than the first one,” said Marie. “I went into it knowing what to expect. When you make the choice to do it you need to know that in the long run, it’s going to be worth it.”

Marie’s total knee replacement surgery was performed by Shehada Homedan, MD, the orthopedic surgeon at Ringgold County Hospital. “I was fully confident in Dr. Homedan. He has wonderful skills. I was his first patient in Mt. Ayr when I had my knee replaced in January 2009. I wanted to have him do it the second time. He’s an excellent surgeon, and I want matching knees!”

The Physical Therapists at RCH were her rehab team both in the hospital and as an out-patient after she had been discharged. “The Physical Therapy department at RCH is top-notch,” said Marie. “Honestly, I don’t think you can get better care anywhere. I’m so thankful that they are here.”

The therapists don’t waste any time getting patients into a rehabilitation routine. Immediately after her surgery, she was doing exercises in her hospital room. During her three-day hospital stay, she had morning and afternoon therapy sessions, with specific goals to work on. After she was discharged, she came back to the hospital three days a week to continue her rehabilitation. Even when she was at home, she had a list of activities, exercises and goals to be accomplished each day.

“A good attitude is so important,” said Marie. “Recovery takes time. I really trust and admire the professional and knowledgeable physical therapy staff at RCH.”