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Coach’s Corner – Caring for Yourself

Eat Well: It’s common to pack on 5-10 pounds during the holiday season, but there are ways you can eat both healthy and well! Know which foods are high in caloric contents and low in nutrition. You don’t have to deprive yourself, but indulge in moderation. Eat smaller meals instead of one huge buffet. Opt for healthy options at home so you can splurge a little at holiday parties. Remember to be aware of all calories – especially liquid calories in alcoholic beverages.

Stay active: Exercise is just as important during the holidays as any other time of the year. You should be active at least four to five times a week, preferably with some aerobic exercise every day. The weather may be cold outside, but it’s worth it. Bundle up!

Prevent illness and injuries: Colds and the flu are most prevalent in the winter. Prevent them by washing your hands regularly and urging others to do the same. Stay warm by dressing layers. Sprinkle sand on icy patches.

Help others: Depression and suicidal tendencies can increase during the holidays. Watch for signs of depression among your friends and family. Take an active role to support those in need.

Free Crisis Hotline
Cross Mental Health
Available 24 hours a day

Habits of Healthy Families

  • Don’t go hungry. To stay at a healthy weight, you have to eat, not starve yourself. If you don’t fuel up regularly, you’ll become insatiably hungry, causing the “hunger” hormone, ghrelin, to spike. Then you may eat more than you need.
  • Automate lunch and breakfast. Don’t risk making bad, spur-of-the-moment grabs. Have staples on hand that are healthy and filling like oatmeal and soup.
  • Exercise 20 minutes a day, at home. An hour can be hard to dedicate to exercise, but almost every day, we can find 20 minutes to jump rope, do crunches, or take a walk.
  • Be the food decider in the house. If you don’t buy chips and cookies, both children and adults will find something healthier to eat when they’re hungry.
  • Eat dinner together every night. This simple ritual improves not just kids’ eating habits, but their grades and willingness to open up to you too.
  • Play together every day. The key is to carve out a reliable pocket of time when you can get active as a family. Have a dance party, a game of soccer, or shoot hoops before dinner.
  • Tell your little ones a bedtime story. Or talk to older kids about their day. It keeps you in touch.
  • Make sure you have a bedtime routine. A good night’s sleep keeps you young. And not getting enough sleep can be a contributing factor to heart attacks and strokes.
  • Bond in bed. Having regular sex can add an extra three years to your life expectancy. So strengthen your relationship and your health!