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RCH Welcomes Podiatrist

Brian Rarick, DPM

Ringgold County Hospital is pleased to announce that Brian Rarick, DPM, has joined our staff of visiting physicians. Dr. Rarick will see patients on the second and fourth Fridays of each month. A specialist in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the foot, ankle, and related structures of the leg. , Dr. Rarick is welcoming new patients and accepts most insurance plans.

Call the Visiting Physician Clinic today to schedule your appointment: 641-464-4409.

Back on Your Feet Again!

Jayla Johnson, RN

Jayla Johnson has been helping patients in the Ringgold County community get back on their feet for several years. A kind person with a gentle touch, she helps seniors with their toenails and foot care every Monday. But don’t mistake her for a nail technician with a bottle of hot pink polish! She’s a Registered Nurse, who performs the kind of care that helps keep her patients independent and mobile.

Jayla sees many of her patients on a very regular basis. “I get to know them personally and it’s so rewarding. And they love it because it feels so good.” She sees an equal number of men and women for sessions that last about 30 minutes. She trims their toenails, grinds down thick nails, and files the rough edges of callouses on their feet. While she’s working, she inspects their feet and checks for sores or issues that the patient may not know about. Many of her patients are diabetic, which can cause neuropathy (the gradual onset of numbness, prickling or tingling in your feet.) “If I see anything that’s concerning, I have access to a doctor just across the hall,” says Jayla.

Many of her patients no longer have the flexibility to care for their own feet and nails. And others have poor vision which makes self-care difficult. “My patients are older, and they just need the help.” Jayla emphasized the importance of healthy feet…

“If your feet hurt, you’re less likely to get up and move which is so important for seniors. When you can walk comfortably, you’re more mobile, which improves your overall health.”

Foot and nail care services are available to patients through a doctor’s referral. Medicare payment is subject to a patient’s medical diagnoses. If you or someone you know can benefit, contact your physician to see if you qualify for a referral.

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