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In Good Hands

Dr. Shehada Homedan travels to Mt. Ayr every week to care for patients

The residents of Ringgold County and Southwest Iowa are in good hands when it comes to their wrists, knees, hips, and shoulders. Dr. Shehada Homedan, an orthopedic surgeon, has been coming to Ringgold County Hospital once a week for 11 years to mend bones and replace joints. He’s enthusiastic about his work and enjoys the challenges that each case brings. “Doing surgery is actually fun for me,” he said. “I enjoy working with the tools and instruments. I certainly don’t get bored because there’s always something different with each case.” Total hip replacements are his favorite. “The anatomy is challenging, and the approach is interesting.” He also enjoys being able to help people and see immediate results. “With other specialties, you may have to wait a year or so to really see good results. With orthopedic surgery, the results are obvious from the very beginning.”

Although Dr. Homedan spent seven years in medical school and another eight years in orthopedic training, he is constantly learning new techniques  and using new tools and instruments. “Technology has changed a lot of the approach. Surgeries are easier on the patient because they can be less invasive,” he said. “I follow all the updates. It’s very important to keep in touch with what’s new and what’s coming.” That’s exciting for patients at Ringgold County Hospital. They know that he’s bringing all the “big-city” technology back to Mt. Ayr. There’s no need to travel to Des Moines or another metropolis to get the best care using the latest techniques. “I really like the people here,” Dr. Homedan said. “I get to help nice people who appreciate what we do. They want to get better and get back to their lives, so we collaborate to make that happen.”

Dr. Homedan works in four different hospitals in Iowa and travels back and forth each day from his home in Des Moines. The daily commutes are relaxing to him and he doesn’t mind winter. When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and five children, aged 5 to 17, and playing soccer. A native of Palestine, he originally emigrated to Buffalo, NY for a fellowship to continue training in orthopedics. From Buffalo he came to Des Moines and stayed. His family is settled, and he’s happy with his work. 

To make an appointment with Dr. Homedon, contact the RCH Visiting Physician Clinic at 641-464-4409.

Replacing Worn-out Joints

Dave Gourley at work

Dave Gourley at work

You could describe Dave Gourley as “active.” He has a full-time job with Ringgold County Secondary Roads, a part-time job assisting a local farmer, and his own 200-acre farm to manage. The 56-year old also has a wife, three children and six grandchildren. So he’s on the go most of the time. “My hobby is work!” he says. So when a “dull throbbing pain” took over his attempts to sleep, and his days were spent limping and dragging his leg around, he knew something needed to be done. After a  referral from his physician Dwain Crain, D.O., Dave met with Shehada Homedan, M.D., Ringgold County Hospital’s orthopedic surgeon. “He said the meniscus, the pad between the ball and the socket in my hip, was just plain worn out. And he recommended a new kind of replacement surgery, Birmingham Hip Resurfacing,” said Dave. Designed for younger, active people, Dave’s surgery was in November 2012, and was the first of its kind performed at RCH.

Dave Gourley

Dave Gourley is back
to work after his second
successful hip replacement

His recovery was long and Dave was anxious to be off his crutches and cleared to go back to work. During this time, he spent hours working with Ruth Smith, PT, in the Physical Therapy department of the hospital. “Actually, the physical therapy begins before the surgery,” he explained. “I started doing specific exercises to build up my leg, hip, and buttocks muscles beforehand. And then I was back at it right after surgery. Ruth was just great. She explained everything, wrote it down, and even provided pictures so I’d know what to do at home. She was very encouraging – although she did get a little stern with me when she needed to.” Dr. Homedan had advised Dave that it would be about two years before he completely forgot about the surgery and recovery process. So he was dismayed when, two years later, his second hip required the same treatment. “I thought, why me? But I realized that it was just something that happens. I’m very active, and I just wore them out.” Knowing what to expect, Dave started seriously exercising to prepare for the surgery. He recovered more quickly and was able to return to work sooner.

“I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Homedan, the surgical staff and the nursing staff,” said Dave. “People in this community ought to be so proud. With the staff and the doctors, I knew I didn’t have anything to worry about. I’ve got nothing against Des Moines, but the fact that I was having the surgeries at home meant so much. It was comforting, and in my opinion, that helps with recovery.”

Dave’s shoulder bothers him from an old high-school wrestling injury. And his knee “sounds like it has gravel in it.” But he knows he can continue to get quality care at Ringgold County Hospital. He jokes, “As long as they keep making replacement parts, I know I’ll be ok!”