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FREE Sports Physicals

Contact the Mount Ayr Medical Clinic for more information 641-464-4470

Students in grades 7-12 (entering the 2019/2020 school year) can stop in to the Mount Ayr Medical Clinic for a FREE sports physical on Wednesday, May 8th from 3-5pm. Sports physical forms may be picked up at your local school superintendent’s office and students must bring the form with parent signature to the physical. No appointment is necessary. Call the Mount Ayr Medical Clinic with additional questions 641-464-4470. 

Keeping Athletes Healthy and Prepared

Natasha Gourley, Athletic Trainer

As the Raiders prepare for another season of athletics, we’re reminded of the dedication that it takes to keep young athletes healthy and prepared for their games. Natasha Gourley is on the sidelines for every Mt. Ayr home football game as well as other sports during the year. As the school’s Athletic Trainer, she’s there to enjoy the competition, but her primary focus is injury prevention. “I come in before the games, taping or bracing, that kind of thing. And if they do get hurt on the field, I’m right there,” she said. “My passion is human anatomy. I’ve always loved learning about how the muscles and tendons of the body work. I’m trying to prevent injuries, but if they do get hurt, I want to help get them back so they can return to play.”

A native of Clearfield, and a graduate of Mt. Ayr, she has a degree in Health and Human Performance from Iowa State as well as a Master’s degree in Kinesiology. She’s a board certified, licensed athletic trainer and worked at Southwestern Community College as an Athletic Trainer for seven years. She is also a Paramedic. Along with her work at the Mt. Ayr Medical Clinic, Natasha prepares and maintains medical kits for the middle schools and high schools in Mt. Ayr and Diagonal. “Mt. Ayr has 16 kits,” she explained. “One for boys and one for girls for each sport. They’re fully filled at the beginning of each season and also as needed throughout the season.” Clearly, the Mt. Ayr coaches are delighted to have Natasha on the team. “They tell me it’s great to have me there on the sidelines in case someone does get injured. That way their focus can continue on with the game.”