Announcing Our New Online Health Record Portal – Your Care Everywhere 

Ringgold County Hospital and Mt. Ayr Medical Clinic provide patients with a convenient way to access personal health information online. This free service is secure, confidential and available 24 hours a day from anywhere with an Internet connection.
Patient Portal

The Online Health Record portal is a unique online health management tool. It allows patients to:

  • See a summary of care and instructions from recent visits
  • Keep track of health history
  • View labs results online
  • Do so from a portal that is safe, secure, available 24/7 and free

To register for the portal, an email or mobile phone is required. No two patients can share the same email.

RCH staff will ask for your email address during registration or discharge.

Frequently asked questions regarding RCH Online Health Record patient portal

How do I register for the RCH Online Health Record portal?

You can provide a personal email address during the registration process in our admitting department or by stopping by the Health Information Management Department in the hospital to have your account set up.

Where does my health information in the RCH Online Health Record portal come from?

All information in the portal comes from Ringgold County Hospital and Mount Ayr Medical Clinic health summaries. The user can also upload additional information to the portal.

What type of information is available on the RCH portal?

Information will vary depending on the type of tests and treatments received during a hospital stay or tests performed as an outpatient.  A visit would include medications, allergies, procedures, lab tests and results and reports. Secure communication with your provider will be available through the portal.

Will I be able to see information from all my visits or tests over the years?

No, Records will be available on the portal from January 2018. Historical records can be requested by contacting the Health Information Management Department.

When will information be available on the portal?

Your information will be available on the portal within 36 hours of discharge.

Can multiple patients enroll with the same email address for access to the portal?

No. Each user will have to have their own email for registration. Note: you should avoid the use of a workplace email address for the security and privacy of your health records.

The first step is providing your email address to RCH Registration or Health Information Management. A message will be sent to your email address explaining how to register.

Is my information safe?

Yes. Access to the portal meets current data security guidelines for healthcare records. You are the only one who can access your patient records or provide permission to someone else to access your portal.

I care for an elderly parent who does not use a computer or have an email address. Is there a way I can help them access their information?

Yes, the patient would need to have an email address in order for them to sign into the portal. Once this is completed the patient can designate someone else, referred to as a “patient representative,” to have access to their information. This will require assistance from our Health Information Management Department at (641) 464-4424.

Can I give access to someone else to view my records in the portal?

Yes, you can set up a “patient representative” yourself from within the portal application. Please contact our Health Information Management Department at (641) 464-4424

If you have more questions or concerns call Health Information Management at (641) 464-4424.